We specialise in Salary Invoicing for Light Entrepreneurs and offer the industry’s most comprehensive Insurance Coverage.

This also benefits companies that use the services of Light Entrepreneurs via Arvotyö Oy. When their insurance cover is in order, partner companies can use Arvotyö Oy’s Light Entrepreneur services on a risk-free basis, and fully focus on their own business.
Arvotyö Oy’s Salary Invoicing is personally tailored for each client.

So we don’t offer everyone the same “bulk product” as other players in the industry: we value the professionalism and core skills of every Light Entrepreneur and offer the most flexible invoicing and salary payment tools. Our personal service has been showered with praise by clients, and we intend to continue investing in it.

For us, every client is a VIP client!

In the case of Salary Invoicing, our clients can present invoices smoothly and easily; there’s no need for a business ID or business name.
We pay salaries as agreed and ensure that taxes and other statutory payments go to the right parties.

We pay new Light Entrepreneurs an up-front EUR 25 benefit for invoicing and salary payments managed through us. This EUR 25 is deducted from our service fee in connection with payment of the first salary.